InspireCraft is coming back online

To those of you who stayed during the long hiatus, thank you.  I will begin queuing posts again during this week.  If you have a project you’d like to see featured here, please send me an ask.

See you all soon. 

jasonah93 said: instead of shutting this amazing blog down why not get someone or some people to help you manage it?

Thank you for your appreciation of this blog!  I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m sorry I can’t continue to run it.  If I had any sort of free time coming up in the next few months, I would consider it, but I’m pretty much completely out of that.

I would like to see someone else make another Minecraft blog that properly sources it’s images.  Some of them do a pretty good job, but I always like to make sure the builders get some attention for the time they’ve put into their creations.

Maybe as a going away present, I’ll drop the links to the rest of the builds I was going to feature here.  Actually, I’ll do that now.

Space-Time Towers from the PCraft Server.  Posted by Patrickthemcd.

Barb Village, posted on the Luck 13 Clans Forum.  

Kingdom built by King-Dirrp.

Skyscraper Castle, built by Ratzfratz.  Unfortunately, these are the only pictures so far.

Seattle Space Needle, craafted by Nedst3r on the Minecraft Forums.

Airships posted by Lynchyinc.  Tons more builds on his page.  Check them out!

Lunareala's amazing project, Whitehorn- The Story Of Lady Iseabail.  The thread contains the whole story behind this project.  It’s incredibly well written and so worth checking out.  Tons more pictures there too!

Builds from this Medieval City, posted by Kescha on the Minecraft Forums.

LastNorth, posted on Planet Minecraft by Circleight.

Gorgeous screenshots of various worlds posted by Xxpro219xx on the Minecraft Forums.

Tototor’s screenshots from Xian, a WIP city.

Screenshots from Conquercraft, a huge server project posted by Conquercraft over on the Minecraft Forums.  This server is still looking for builders.  Details can be found in the thread.